Reaching for the Sky… Garden


For the latest edition of Roaming Revues-day, the Team headed into the Square Mile to enjoy breakfast at Darwin’s brasserie, in the Sky Garden of Vinoly’s 20 Fenchurch Street. We met nearby on Pudding Lane and ignored our appetite for a few minutes to first consider the rich history that’s to be found when walking just a few yards in this remarkable City. A gorgeous clear blue sky provided the perfect backdrop as we headed up to the ‘’Walkie Talkie’’ The now infamous building has received something of a mixed reaction from the public, and some of our team seemed no different. However, the architectural qualities were easy to appreciate the closer we got, and it was even harder not to smile after whooshing up in the lift and walking out onto the 35th floor balcony for the first time. From this viewpoint, you can really appreciate the wonderful variety and contrasts of urban London’s many centuries of architectural evolution. Quite mesmerising; the breakfast was rather lovely too.