Lipton Plant Architects open doors for RIBA Open Studios during London Festival of Architecture


Lipton Plant Architects will open our studio to the public on Thursday 4th June to share the inner workings of a creative office and invite the public to challenge the existing design atmosphere. 

The practice holds a regular ‘Revuesday’ session where a selected project is presented and the current design thinking is critiqued. The project is dissected and new ideas are thrown into play, some realistic and some highly inventive which sparks new creative thinking and results in a more-considered exploration of the design solution. Fresh perspectives are highly welcome and encouraged in the Open Studio session, where Lipton Plant Architects and guests hope to challenge and be challenged by the public and evolve the process with fresh thinking.

Morning tea will be provided and people who are interested in unfiltered access to architectural practice will be invited to participate in the team discussion and hopefully take away some ideas and inspiration from the session.

Click on the link below to reserve your place: