Granville Road used for inspiration on ‘The House That £100k Built’


The studio is buzzing with the news that our project at Granville Road was used for inspiration on BBC’s ‘The House that £100k Built‘ earlier this week. The show features Jo’ann and Andy who are trying to build a home that won’t produce a heating or electricity bill, while keeping within a restrictive £100k budget.

Architecture curator and critic Kieran Long took Jo’ann and Andy to Granville Road to show them ways to inject joy and playfulness into their design. Due to their restrictive budget and desire to achieve high eco-credentials they have started with concrete floors and breeze-block walls, and Long used our design as an example of how clever lighting and playful features could transform their space and make it feel like a home.

If you missed it, you can catch us until the end of August on BBC iPlayer