A longstanding developer client of LPA came to the studio to discuss a small plot. The client revealed they didn’t know what they wanted and that they were providing LPA with a black canvas. The triangular site contained a garage, sitting high up in a conservation area in London’s exclusive Highgate.
LPA design begun by stacking two rectangular blocks who’s proportions were defined by responding to the two neighbouring boundary lines. Each level negotiates a very large tree on the plot, the ground floor is set back and turns away from it, the top floor rotates and cantilevers towards it, almost in its branches. Each of the two levels turns to look the road they parallel.
The top level of the building bends like a branch over its underlying twin providing the street a view of its green roof which softens the mass of the overall building. This bowing down from the top responds organically to its  hilly setting and contrasts  with the stepped Edwardian roof tops that the building overlooks in two different directions.