The community approached LPA to design a War Memorial and a village Community Hall. LPA looked at the problems with the village infrastructure and planning problems and devised a design that combined the two, suggesting ‘The Memorial Building & Gardens’. Due to traffic the village was being brought to a stand-still at different times and locations in close proximity to the site (schools, shops etc). LPA calculated the requirements for the village  and resolved the problem by designing a large scale stacked car parking facility below ground, under their building. The land at ground level is no longer needed for cars. LPA designed a landscaped garden which plays almost as significant a focus as the building in LPA’s proposal. The Memorial Building both represents the gratitude of the local community to the soldiers sacrifices in both World Wars and looks to the future in the buildings capacity as a Community Hall by provoking and providing multiple community functionality and bring different generations together. The buildings form is made up of horizontal rectangular ‘blocks’ which bend and wrap over one another from ground to first floor, supporting and knitting together then gathered around a central core.  The form reflects the co-dependence and support between each generations of the community, between past and present. As a whole this design solution is a village masterplan, resolving transport and congestion issues, generating a physical and psychological focal point, which is both a tribute to the past and the future and gives the heart back to the community.