Horses play a key role in High Barnet’s history: The market, Barnet’s Horse races, and the high density of Coach Houses and Inns provided for travellers and their horses on route to and from London.

LPA’s ‘Horse-Shoe House’, comprising of a new community centre and 10 apartments, reflects the communities heritage in every aspect of its fabric and form. LPA’s use of red brick, the proportions of balconies and windows, the wattling style woven balconies, the white ‘porches/loggias’, all simultaneously reflect the material language of the buildings immediate Victorian neighbours and the areas Tudor architectural heritage. The rhythm of the bays and balconies break up the facade, stepping in and out; horizontally to continue the stepped pattern of the Victorian terrace, and vertically, the first and second floors overhang like the local Tudor Coach houses. At the heart of the scheme, the building overhangs a horse-shoe shaped cobbled courtyard, which provides a welcoming entrance and accommodates the mode of transport, now cars, not coach & horses.