Historically Highgate consisted of 4 areas of ancient woodland. A regular client came to LPA with a compact plot which sits directly on one of these woodlands, once used exclusively for coppicing. LPA created a design and planning proposal for a gathering of houses, grouped like trees, a woodland-like cul-de-sac, entirely complementary to its context.
The form and materiality for these 8 detached houses is sourced directly from the land they sit on. For the story, LPA applied the ‘coppicing’ process to each of the otherwise standard houses. First LPA took a typical massing and house form (Forest), then split it in two (coppicing), twisting it on an axis so each of its ‘branches’ splays out (coppicing creates new shoots), and then curved each layer at the axis so each branch of the building is supported and responding to one another (growth).