Lipton Plant’s Creative Strategy is based on the need to derive a new relevant story sourced entirely by identifying, respecting and reflecting (historic/present) context. This is then reflected in our designs crafted from the fabric of the present with the intent of continuous narrative enduring into the future. Our Creative Strategy guarantees particularly thorough research as a means to discover and define a unique story for each of our schemes ensuring equally that our resulting designs are as engaging, relevant, enduring and valuable as the site-specific stories which inspired them.

The Conceptual Container for Wolsey Road draws upon the historic name of ‘Newington Green Gardens’ and the former forest clearing which was lost to create streets and houses in the Victorian era. The terraced house sits opposite a surreal mural of a garden which has since faded, we designed the extension around the concept of re-establishing the faded mural and history, to cultivate the illusion of a forest in the property.

Using a palette of simple materials Lipton Plant extended into the roof of the house to create a new bedroom and en-suite that curves and ‘floats’ upon the top floor. The new space creates a haven in the treetops, flooded with light and warmed by timber.